Add A House Extension to Improve Its Value

An extension of a house is something which you add to increase the available space. It can be done via construction, by actually building a physical addition. Alternatively, you can demolish a dividing wall to free up space to be used in various ways. More space means more area to be used as living space, a kitchen or other required space at home. It can be converted to an annex, which you can rent out, or a play area for your expanding family. During these pandemic times, you can also use it as a home office.

Side or Rear extension

Side extensions are an ideal option if there is limited space. It is usually built to create an extra room or continue a certain space. For example, for a living room, a side extension can be created to add more area. Usually the newly added part is connected with the old part with an expanded opening structure.

A rear extension on the other hand is created to have an easier flow from the interior of the house to the exterior. It can be used to extend living room or kitchen space, or even a bedroom space. Rear extensions can be added by using bi-fold doors. These can be opened into a back garden or a backyard.

Wraparound method

If you have some space around the house, rather than adding a side or a rear extension, the best way to go about is adding a “wrap-around” extension. It is sort of a combination of the former methods. It can be done in an L-shaped addition or in a square, totally around the house. By adding a wrap-around extension, you can consider expanding the space of any part of the house.

If it is a rear extension, usually the kitchen is the room which gets more space, a side extension can be helpful for the living room. But the wraparound method gives you the freedom to expand any area as per your wish. If this added area around the house can be constructed more openly, it can bring in most wanted light in to the house. That area can be used as a storage space or a dining area, if not used in-line with an existing room.

Consider the costs

A valuable piece of data forgotten by the house owners is the actual value added, with an extra construction. If you search for places like Keeler hardware online, you will see the prices of the equipment needed for an extension. You can work out on a budget by talking to a contractor based on all that.

If the whole feat can be completed with a justified cost, which can then be earned back by using that extra space for something fruitful, then set about following the plan. Don’t build an extension just because you can, or because you can use it to improve your DIY skills. 

A spacious house can be rented out, or used by the current occupants for various useful tasks. Ensure that the addition is done for a beneficial reason.

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