What Are the Types of Houses You Can Buy?

With the increasing population and number of companies in Australia, there is a scarcity of free land available. Thus, there are sky-rocket prices for the land. Hence, investors are now making a smart move. Either there are identical houses, twin houses, or a little house in the backyard.

You must be wondering about the difference between these three types and the purpose of it. Understanding the distinction between a duplex, dual living, and a granny flat can be a beneficial factor for you. It helps in doing smart planning when building a home.

The difference between the three:

For instance, if you have a land block and intending to build a new house, it is best to look at the various options available. An ideal move is to contact dual occupancy builders Melbourne has plenty of them. It is because there are very few stand-alone houses in Australia, the remaining homes fall in either one of these categories.

Hence, these contractors examine and assess the area. Then, they propose a better deal to maximize the usage of the land. Furthermore, if you have a similar plan, it can work vice versa. You can approach the builders with the design, and they will make the rationale. Either way, it is a win-win situation for all. However, each of the types has different rules and regulations.

What is the meaning of dual occupancy?

Dual means two, so you have a fair understanding there. This type is further classified into attached and detached categories.

  • Attached occupancy-

It is when two residences are joined to one another in one land block.

  • Detached occupancy-

It is when two separate houses are built on the same land lot.

However, dual occupancy cannot be subdivided. If required, the utilities and leasing can be distributed if renting out. Hence, both are complete, furnished houses, therefore, there can be individual entrances for both.

How does the duplex house differ?

A duplex is two different houses with separate titles. They both face the front on the same street and share a wall. However, owners can have both the dwellings under one title and sell it together; or have separate ownership for each house. Thus, it can be sold individually by subdividing the land.

What is a granny flat?

It is not as complicated as dual or duplex living. A granny flat is a stand-alone house built on the same land block. It can either be connected or disconnected from the main residence. It generally means an extension built, on a smaller scale. Thus, a granny flat is considered as a secondary dwelling in the backyard. However, it consists of the main rooms, such as a kitchen, living space, one-bedroom, and a bathroom.

Hence, it makes a complete, furnished house.  It is a great deal when considering to give family members. Such as allowing elderly parents or adult kids to enjoy their freedom and live independently. However, they are in a close radius and under the sight of the family. Therefore, whichever type you decide to built-in, it should satisfy the long-term goal.

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