3 Fun-Filled Wall Projects for your Kids




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3 Fun-Filled Wall Projects for your Kids

It’s a challenge for parents to figure out how you can turn the process of planning and decorating into something that your kids will enjoy and learn from at the same time. Isn’t it great to come up with a design scheme that will not only brighten up your kids’ moods, but also get them involved? Here are four activities guaranteed to entertain your kids and teach them a thing or two about wall decorating:

1. Doodle to their hearts’ content

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Do your kids like to draw all the time? Foster their love for sketching by getting a wall-mounted paper dispenser! Let their imagination soar as they think of what to draw next by giving them a huge page on the wall for them to scribble on, without having to worry about vandalising and messy sheets of paper scattered around! You can easily tear out pages and replace them with a new roll of paper, giving your kids unlimited hours of fun and the opportunity to draw their favourite objects and characters.

2. Pick and paste stickers

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If your kids are always up for completing puzzles and grouping shapes more than sketching, then consider purchasing high-quality wall art stickers which they can use to create amusing scenes and pictures on their own walls! From using butterfly and flower stickers to create a beautiful garden, to spaceships and planets for your little astronauts, the possibilities are definitely endless! You’ll be able to spend quality time with your kids as they stretch their imagination and creative abilities.

3. Choose the (room)’s adventure

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Let your kids own the look of their room with customised wall decor! Ask your kids to come up with ideas on how they want their room to look based on their favourite shows or games. They can also make a corner of their room decorated especially for their toys. Using an easy-to-use design tool can serve as a visual guide for your kids on planning the ideal scenery of their rooms—they can make the walls look like a jungle filled with their favourite animals, or a headquarters where their beloved superheroes convene. With a great design tool, your kids can even upload the images they want as stickers and posters, and have it printed to display it in their rooms. If your kids are fond of fairy tales, they’ll surely be delighted to see their favourite characters displayed across their walls.

With these fun DIY projects, your kids will not only develop an eye for decorating, but also enjoy spending time with you! They’ll also appreciate how you give them free rein on how they want their rooms to look like. After all, a child’s room is a haven for learning, relaxing and having fun!


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