5 Modern Graphic Design Styles for a Sophisticated Look




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5 Modern Graphic Design Styles for a Sophisticated Look

Nowadays, building an effective brand design is not only up to the people whom you have tasked with design work. Even marketers and business owners must stay updated on how their brand can remain relevant in the market by adapting to modern product and publicity designs.

Don’t worry, though. You can catch up on the latest trends for brands, logos and corporate materials by simply incorporating these five characteristics of modern graphic design:


1. Flat Design 

Flat design

Back when skeuomorphism was the trend, every design element was made to resemble their real-world counterpart — buttons were made to be glossy, and sidebars have gradients and beveled edges to add dimensionality to the design.

In 2015, however, looking real is no longer the trend. Flat design has come to dominate the design scene, with elements that look more artistic and colourful. Enhance the 2D feel by choosing pastel colours for a lively yet soft look.


2. Grid Layout

using grid design

When it comes to arranging elements in a page or a poster, the grid is the preferred layout style today, placing importance on geometry and precision. If you’re aiming for a neat and organised look, don’t forget to use the grid layout for text-heavy content such as websites and infographics.


3. Custom Fonts

creating custom fonts

Ever noticed how you can recognise fewer fonts in websites and product packages? Thanks to the emergence of free typekits like Google Fonts, non-traditional fonts are now accessible to everyone. Go with custom fonts to create a distinct and memorable identity that resonates with your brand.


4. Colour Palette

brand colours

Colour has become a  key element in establishing a company’s identity in the global market. Google, for example, has stayed true to their official logo colours throughout the years even if the fonts and shape have morphed into something new. Consistency allows your brand to become more recognisable to your target audience. Start by picking a solid colour, or consult with graphic design services in Australia for choosing modern shades that you can use when designing your logo or letterhead.


4. Illustration

"PLANES" (Pictured) Story Artist Art Hernandez. ©2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Patrick Wymore
“PLANES” (Pictured) Story Artist Art Hernandez. ©2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo by: Patrick Wymore

One of the more convenient changes welcomed in modern design was the replacement of stock images with digital illustrations. Have a graphic designer create images relevant to your brand that cannot be easily duplicated and are safe from copyright issues. For logos and other graphics, get a little less curvy and use simple pixel squares to convey modern simplicity for the brand.


Creative graphic design constantly innovates to change the look of logos, publications, packaging and cross-platform corporate designs. Don’t look outdated — start applying modern design trends to your style choices now.

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