Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for an Awesome Room Makeover




Budget-Friendly Design Ideas for an Awesome Room Makeover

People often commit mistakes when going for budget-friendly home decoration, simply because they think it’s all about spending the lowest amount of cash possible for buying or replacing items. Decoration, however, is more than just buying something only because it’s cheap! Here’s what we’ve learned from practical decorators on how to tweak home design by combining creativity and frugality:

Begin with Your Walls

A feature wall is the most visible part of your space, and one of the easiest ones to decorate. Even something as simple as changing wall colours can create a new look for your room.

  • Now’s the best time to replace the peeled-off paint on your walls. Consider changing colour palettes by replacing your paint with vibrant wallpapers.
  • The smallest details can transform the entire look of your wall. If you’re satisfied with the current colour of your wall, choose strategic parts of your wall to decorate – place wall art stickers near doorjambs, window sills and even around your fireplace.
  • Display your panoply of acquired or created artworks  – this may also serve as a focal point or main attraction in your room.

Add Optical Illusions to Your Space

room optical illusion room beach theme bed

These tricks can amplify the beauty of your space while simultaneously serving specific functions.

  • Using wall decals behind your bed, you can create a trompe l’oeil headboard, or designate an area for posting your reminders.
  • Placing huge mirrors in tight spaces “expands” them – this trick can also make small rooms appear larger.

Play with Lighting

lamplight room design bedroom mood light

Changing the way light is distributed in your room can also make a great impact on your space.

    • Create mood lighting by installing dimmers in the living room and bathroom. This can also prevent light from straining your eyes.
    • It’s easier to update the look of lampshades instead of light fixtures. You can attach ruffles or a string of tassels to the edge of your lampshades for a classic touch.
    • Let sunlight brighten up your space during the day by washing your windows inside and out.
    • Make it easier to relax in your bedroom or concentrate in your study room by replacing your overhead lights with table and floor lamps.

Use Existing Home Accessories and Utensils

wall with frame art plate decor

Because using your old stuff to make a new look for your space actually works – and you don’t have to spend a fortune for a revamping success!

  • Strange as it sounds, plates with different designs hung on your wall are surprisingly cool! Make a great arrangement by using plates that follow a motif with different colours (e.g. birds or flowers in various shades.) You can also put the biggest and most intricately designed plate in the middle of the wall for a pleasant centrepiece.
  • Make a gallery of your favourite photos by placing them in identical frames and hanging them on your walls in a tight grid or a long line.
  • Display your very own collection! Be it a collection of leaves, scarves or toys, you can establish your identity in your space with this kooky addition.
  • Rearranging does wonders for your budget – move and swap your décor items and furniture from all your rooms. Mix and match different pieces (according to material, texture, utility or colour) together for a change!

With these tips, you’ll be able to align your taste with your allocated budget. Low-cost decoration means smart and resourceful designing, so exercise your imagination by thinking of affordable alternatives that go well with your design style.

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