Celebrate the Season with Spring-Themed Design




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Celebrate the Season with Spring-Themed Design

Spring is in! Before you head out for a trip to Tasmania’s blooming gardens or Melbourne’s Cup Carnival, don’t forget to update your interiors to keep up with the season’s new look. Start fresh this spring with these four design trends that won’t take much of your time:


Capturing Spring in Colours 

This spring, it’s all about making your space look and feel light. What’s nice about a spring colour palette is that you’re not confined to only two colours — you can use multiple colour combinations as long as it’s bright and not too distracting!

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When it comes to picking colours that match your spring-themed interiors, get inspired by the great outdoors. Look at breezy beaches, radiant sunshine, spring mountains and peaceful shorelines to get great ideas for a delightful spring design. Consider ocean blue, olive green and turquoise as some of the shades you can introduce to your colour scheme.

When applying these colours to your furniture and walls, don’t forget to mix them with neutrals to balance the brightness. For example, you can combine spring-themed green wallpapers with beige-coloured couch. Complement the earthy feel of greens and blues that dominate your spring decoration by throwing in some fresh white accents. They can brighten up your decor and print materials. As accenting pieces in your wall design, you can use removable white wall decals and floral wallpapers.

Feather-Like Fabric

Give your space a touch of spring by replacing your heavy drapes with sheer materials such as voile, gauze, georgette and chiffon. You can pin up these fabrics with tacks or by sewing a rod pocket at either end. These materials work well with sunlight, so you can let natural light brighten up your home.

Alternatively, you can go for natural fabrics when choosing material for your throw pillows, rugs and even curtain. Wool, jute and seagrass effectively bring out a natural appearance for your home.

spring colour fabric


Luminous Lamps and Lanterns

Nostalgia is a common element in spring design, incorporated as a way of looking back to simpler times. You can achieve an atmospheric vintage look with light fixtures such as chandeliers and brushed metal hardware emitting soft, yellow light for everyday candlelight dinners and relaxing sleep.

spring wall decor spring floral lamps

Spirit of Spring Thrives in Plants

What is spring without blooming fields of flowers and plants that sway lively to the wind? The same thing applies to your interiors, and nothing can make your spring-inspired interiors more authentic than having plants inside your home or office.

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Live plants are fantastic home accessories that can serve as key design elements in giving life to any kind of room. They effectively soften their surrounding and prevents spaces from looking too cold of overwhelming. Consider them versatile accessories you can place anywhere you want.

Easy and functional, these spring-inspired trends will surely give your office or home a fresh look that lasts for all seasons. Transform your space by decorating with sunny colours, lavish accents and beautiful plants today.


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