Everything to Consider When Renting a Generator

If you’re thinking of renting a generator, make use of the below points. You’ll be able to pick the right one and work with the best possible store.


How big your budget is would influence how beastly of a unit you’d be able to get. The internet is your friend. You’d be able to find a shop that’s offering what you need for the lowest possible rate. Don’t be afraid to try and bargain the price down – this is perfectly normal.

The amount you’d be spending is influenced by the power of the generator as well as how long you’ll be renting it for. If you rent a large unit for months, you’d be raking a bill.


How large of an area do you need to power? The size of the generator you get would help with this. You can find the units in quite a few sizes. As you can imagine, a small generator would be easier to store – you may not have that much storage space.

Generators from certain brands are more powerful than others. Aggreko power generators are known to be the best.


Even if you’re buying a smaller generator, it might still weigh a lot. It would be a headache for you to transport from the shop yourself. Hopefully, the company you’re going to be working with would do this for you.

Think about it – you not only have to transport the generator to the location, but you’d need to figure a way to get it back too. If the company you’re renting from doesn’t do this, you’d be in for trouble. And you’d be spending a lot, as transporting such a large item yourself would be expensive.


Once the generator is where it needs to be, who will set it up? You probably have no idea how to do this. The shop you’re renting from should do this for you. It should also disconnect the unit when bringing it back, not depending on you to do the work. 

If the store charges you for the setting up, you could be left with a huge bill. Its team might take their time doing the configuration, making you pay more.

What Will Power the Unit?

The generator would likely be using fuel to power itself. Ask yourself, how will you be getting the fuel? You’d likely have to buy from third-party companies. Hopefully, the store you’re renting from would be able to recommend good alternatives.

Can You Depend on The Company?

Let’s say something happens to the generator. Will the store be able to help? It should be dependable and ready to solve any issues you have immediately.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap things up. Don’t dive in and rent a generator without doing your research. You should pick one that is the right size and takes up fuel that you can easily get. Be sure that the company you’re working with is dependable – if something were to happen to the generator, you’d be left on your own to tend to it otherwise.

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