From Movies to Murals: Themed Event Decorations




From Movies to Murals: Themed Event Decorations

Do you want to make a difference in celebrating your special event with your loved ones? Everyone wants their own parties and occasions to be remembered as a reflection of their taste, personality and even interest. The opportunity to celebrate such occasions doesn’t come so often, so instead of going with the usual party themes, make your event all about you by getting a design inspiration that’s close to your heart: your top-rated movies of all time.

Run Your Event Smoothly with Your Favourite Flick

When you’ve finalised your venue, budget and party suppliers, it all boils down to which movie you like meets the objectives and mood of your event. Just imagine — wouldn’t a Space Jam-inspired decoration for a football team’s party look out of place? If you want a street dance-inspired party, films like Step Up can help you build your design framework. However, you can also mix movies with similar themes and genres. Surprise your guests during Halloween with an eerie set-up that echoes The Ring and Insidious, or bring some action and fun to your kiddie parties with party décor featuring beloved characters from Disney films.

Decor, Lighting… Action!

Even with inexpensive wall decoration, you can still capture the look and feel of your chosen films to fit your event. Not everyone can pull off the movie look for every themed event, so here are some wall design ideas guaranteed to make your event look like a beautiful blockbuster.

  • Photo walls – If you like going minimalist for your party décor, you can evoke the feel of your favourite movie with a huge photo wall. You can a portrait of your favourite character in the film or get the official movie poster image and transform this into a high-resolution wall art image.

movie party design idea 6

  • Scenic wall accents – Whether you want to recreate the setting of a movie or your walls to look like it came straight from a scene in the movie you picked, you can quickly and neatly accomplish this by printing background images and screenshots as removable wall decals and murals.

movie party design idea 7 movie design party idea 5

  • Iconic cutouts – If you want creative wall décor that can double as game props, you can print images of famous items found in the movies as wall stickers that you can use to decorate the event venue. As an icebreaker, you can let your attendees guess the names of the items (or which movie it came from, if you have more than one movie tossed in your design framework).

movie design party idea 3

End Fabulously Ever After

Finally, make your event memorable by handing out tokens that are practical and visually pleasing for your guests. Giveaways can be as simple as a movie-inspired wall art stickers that are easy to produce and distribute.  This way, you can wrap up your event nicely while staying true to your goal of turning your much-loved movie into reality.



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