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My Wonder Wall now offers graphic design and wholesale print services for all your needs.

Spend less money and save more time by passing your custom graphic design work on to us. Don’t have an existing design team? That’s not a problem - let My Wonder Wall finish everything from designing to printing with our talented team of designers and artists.

Manage your project easier, increase your profit, and focus more on what matters by choosing us to design for you. Our competitive and wholesale rates are ideal for small to medium businesses, homeowners, organisations and retailers.

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Graphic Design Service

Our extensive range of graphic design services can help you get the job done for your events and projects:

  • Design Support

    Image creation and editing for your needs hinged on design principles and your preferences

  • Interior Graphic Design

    Wallpaper, decals, wall art, stage, booth and exhibit design

  • Branding

    Logo graphic design, corporate identity development and brand design management

  • Digital Graphics

    Web banners, web design, graphics, photo manipulation, infographics, email banners and social media graphics

  • Print Design

    Stationery, canvas, brochures, flyers, magazines, posters, book cover, book pages, posters, vehicle and building signage

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