How Printed Decor Makes a Picture-Perfect Home




How Printed Decor Makes a Picture-Perfect Home

Picking a colour palette is the conventional way to create a unified look for your home. If only it were as simple as matching the correct shades, right? This traditional method for making a harmonious look for residential and commercial spaces has become a thing of the past, though. Coupled with the newest design trends and the latest technology, interior decorators, designers and colour consultants prefer combining various printed home decorations and ornaments for futuristic home designs that surpass plain hue matching. Discover which home decoration you can prettify with prints.


Printed Fabric for Pillows, Curtains and Furniture

Embroidery is yesterday’s trend. Give your pillows, curtains and sofa a lively and fresh look with printed designs. From actual printed patterns to photos that you can use as pillow covers, there are thousands of ways to make your pillows and curtains look comfortable and visually pleasing. No matter what your taste is, fabric prints for your pillows, curtains and even sofa can help you concretise your home decorating ideas, like achieving a modern look for your home with geometric fabric prints or going classic with gothic-inspired patterns. Alternatively, you can choose prints in shades that match your personality.

Our eyes have been trained by experience to relish in variety, so instead of just bathing your room in plain colour, you can also dress your pillows and couch in different prints highlighting the colour you like—this creates a gorgeous variation in the form of shades, gradients and patterns. The fun in printed home décor doesn’t end with just fabrics, though. Your home can embody the design you aspire only with printed wall decoration.

Picturesque Wall Coverings and Decals

What says individuality more than the walls that surround your home? From impressively designed wallpapers to whimsical wall stickers, you can totally achieve a dreamy look for your nook. With walls decorated in printed material such as murals and stickers, your pillows and curtains won’t look out of place. The printed patterns and designs will blend together, thanks to the background art that is reflected in your walls.

You have the option to print your wall coverings with pre-made wall art, or you can take customisation to another level by using design tools for your wall project. For example, if you have paintings and photos that you want to highlight in your home, you can utilise a wall design that creates a gallery effect, or scenery where the settings of your pictures fit nicely. Don’t be afraid to visualise your own wall décor creations, but consider how it matches with your existing printed home décor as well. When picking your favourite background images and photos, it also helps to choose the ones that motivate you even when you’re just sitting at home.

When you’ve finally decided which designs you want to print, make sure to get the best out of your personalised home decor by availing affordable yet high-quality printing services. It’s tempting to think about how there’s so much you can do with printed home décor, but don’t forget to follow homestyling basics to shape your decorating ideas the right way.


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