How to Create your Dad’s Dream Garage




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How to Create your Dad’s Dream Garage

Father’s Day – a special time for celebrating the hero in our home! We usually treat our father and father figures by giving them rewarding gifts, food and exciting trips. To show how you truly appreciate them, though, takes an extra mile – here’s how you can make something that’s extraordinarily different for your dad this time around.

Garage Makeover: Fulfilling your Dad’s dreams

Renovating your dad’s garage is something that’s sure to last for years. Not only it will be helpful to his hobbies, but he’ll also cherish what you’ve done for his space. Furthermore, this DIY project is an opportunity for you to spend more time with your dad – one of the best gifts you could ever give him.

Before the actual renovation happens, you need to come up with a design plan. It would be better if you can prepare a graphic design layout to visualise the changes you’ll be doing for the garage renovation. It is important to get your dad involved in this process so you can consult him on the garage details.

1. Planning

dads garage layout


Get wall measurements and area dimensions to know how much space is available, then you and your dad can decide on designating sections in the garage – there can be separate areas for carpentry, gardening and auto repair. Create a step-by-step design plan and begin with the small tasks.

2. Repairing and Cleaning


Start by inspecting the garage for repairs, and group different items into functional categories. For example, gardening tools should be collected and separated from auto repair tools. Clear out items that are no longer needed or broken, and take the rest away from the garage to prevent them from blocking your way.

3. Strengthening garage walls and floors 

dads garage makeover

To make the garage more durable for all sorts of tasks your dad does, it’s important to pay attention to the walls and floors. Before changing the paint and floor covering, clean off oil stains with mild acid cleaner, and use a mop the floor to get rid of dirt.

dads garage wall decal


Instead of undertaking a new painting job, why not use cost-effective and economical wallpapers instead? Compared to paint, you can remove and change wallpapers as often as you like – which means there is no need for a paint retouch every now and then. Paint experts also state that wall decals are a better choice when your walls are uneven or cracked.

When choosing a wallpaper, you can ask for your dad’s favourite colour or design style. There are lots of wallpapers you can choose from online, and you can even customise the design your dad wants for your garage walls. To save more on your renovation budget, you can also use wallpapers as floor coverings! They can be easily installed, removed and repositioned.

Once the floors and walls are taken care of, you can start returning your dad’s items back to the garage. You can arrange them by putting hanging racks for rakes, brooms and saws. Heavy-duty wall hooks are also great for bicycles and ladders. You may also use wall stickers to label the different areas of your dad’s garage!

Knowing our dads, going with something practical will always be the best option – and a garage revamp is the best example! Expanding your gift to a bigger project like this will surely make this Father’s Day an unforgettable one for your beloved dad.

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