How To Design a Sustainable Home?

How you would like to design your own home is a personal choice. Each one has their own ways and methods as to how they would like their future home to look like. However, with growing concerns to how environmentally conscious everyone has become and the cost of real estate people would prefer to design both economical and environmentally friendly home designs. Depending on where you live the location, size and layout would change.

A suburban home will most likely have a larger square foot area than a home right in the city where mortgage and space is expensive and limited. Either way wherever you are trying to design your home at you are allowed to make it look as cosy and comfortable as possible. So here are some suggestions you can take into consideration in order to design a sustainable home both economically and environmentally.

Making use of natural light

Depending on where you live sunshine can be a blessing or a curse, usually though sunny days are enjoyed by most but it gets much better when having to design your home. One of the best ways to design a home that is energy efficient is to have the most amount of natural light and ventilation. This is easy if you live in a moderately hotter area with a steady wind flow.

Large windows, wind ducks and solar panels are possible designs and installations that could help maximize on the sunny weather to make an energy efficient home. This way you can cut down on electricity consumption or get paid for the electricity you generate making this an energy efficient home design that has become very popular.  However, if you live in colder areas with harsh weather patterns then you will need to have an alternative design.


Certain everyday appliances are made to be as electricity conserving as possible. However other home appliances are known to really take up large amounts of energy. With the newest technology and trends there are many more appliances that are being manufactured with the goal of keeping consumption to a low. So, if you are hesitant to invest in these appliances that might cost a little more think of the long-term return that you will be saving.

Proper insulation

Like mentioned earlier living in a colder area changes the ball game when trying to maximize on natural light and energy consumption. That is why insulation is important. This changes how things work and allows your home to trap in heat or cold air accordingly. This saves up on the need to use air conditioners during summer and heaters during winter.

Space planning

Even if your home is small, it can still be designed in a way that provides space and declutter. Maximizing space by having built in cupboards and closets are a huge way of reducing space consumption. Your floor plan should be looked at by a specialist before going ahead as there are now so many built in options that can be installed.

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