Make Your Interiors Bold and Honest with Industrial Design




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Make Your Interiors Bold and Honest with Industrial Design

In recent years, renovating abandoned or old spaces by giving it raw looks has taken interior design by storm. These looks consist of exposed brickwork, steel structure and a combination of wood and metal surfaces. Industrial design, which embodies these design concepts and practices, rose to become one of the most favourable design styles in Australia.

Most people like industrial design because it doesn’t pretend or cover the little details that make up your space. You can easily create this “warehouse look” by revamping your walls, floor and decor. 


Colour Scheme: Charred, Dark, Neat

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Leave the brightness to your lighting structures — bold colours are a no-no when selecting wall design and decors for an industrial-type interior. Dark earth shades and tones of grey (e.g. charcoal, metallic) should surround your space, from your pillow covers to your doors. You can add a bit of green and burnt orange shades to lessen the “hardness” of the industrial colours added to your room.

Walls: Rugged, Rustic, Classy

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Having unfinished or worn-out looking walls instantly rewards your space with the iconic industrial look, but brick walls are the ultimate expression of this design style. If your walls are neither of the two, you can still achieve the brickwork look with patterned wallpapers and removable wall decals, which look more realistic than ever in depicting texture and images. You can avail graphic design services in Australia to find high-quality images that you can use as wall stickers for imprinting the exposed brickwork look on your walls.

Decor: Metallic, Humble, Exposed 

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What makes this design a popular choice among interior decorators is how affordable it is to apply in your space. With repurposing and recycling at the heart of industrial design, there’s no room for excess — you can display ornaments and objects made from steel, metal or wood that you can find mostly in salvage stores. This laidback decorating style gives a humble and comfortable look to your space. Moreover, metal structured lighting, preferably emitting yellowish light, gives a cold and mysterious industrial look.

Floor: Austere, Concrete, Edgy

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Shiny, plain and polished concrete floors go well with the exposed look of your industrial interiors. Remember the yellow lighting from your decor? This will go nicely with concrete floor that reflects the lighting on its surface. Stone and timber flooring are the recommended choices, and it’s quite rare to find wooden floors in industrial type spaces — but if you prefer rustic over concrete, then go with aged wood. Throw in some portable cushioned mats to keep your feet protected from the cold and unyielding floor surfaces.
These simple tricks and tips prove that industrial design is one of the easiest styles you can adopt for your interiors. Industrial is not lackluster when you have the right decor pieces combined together.

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