Pros and Cons of House and Land Packages

House and land packages come in two varieties. One is turnkey purchase and the other is house and land purchase. The turnkey purchase is where you find a land that you like and choose a house design from a specific set of designs. There will be a small deposit to pay once you agree on the price and the fittings that will be installed. You can pay the balance after the house is built. However, there are only a limited amount of design options that are available for you and you may be restricted on choosing the finishes you like because there is a set price.

The house and land purchase is where you can buy the land and decide on the type of construction. You can pay for the land at first and then agree to a building contract with a home builder where you will pay for the home construction in different stages. Both contracts will be with the same vendor so the construction process and approval process is streamlined. With home and land packages in Sunshine Coast, you will be able to choose a design that is best for your lifestyle. There is also the option to customisation. You can personalise the space so that you can modify it according to your requirements. There is a greater level of flexibility of house and land packages. The price is clear when it comes to the land and house. The cost will include consultancy services from interior designers and architects as well. When you are clear about the cost, it will be easy to gauge the affordability of the property.

There are many websites that provide a transparent idea of house and land for the buyer. They will be able to get an idea of the surroundings and weigh the options provided by different developers and builders against each other. You can select the builder you want based on the house design and the credibility of their company. You will have greater control over the process and you will have a say when it comes to constriction. This is also a more affordable option if you are planning to move into an existing house. And because it allows for customisation, you have more flexibility than an existing house and there will be no underlying issues as well because it is newly built.

You will be given a warranty as the house and land package is new. This is easier for maintenance and if you are planning to lease the property, it is a lot easier to lease because of this warranty. The location is a big concern when it comes to house and land packages. Usually, these packages will be available in the outskirts of a town so the infrastructure will not be fully developed. It can be hard to access public transport and you will have a longer commute to the city. You have to consider whether the location is close to healthcare facilities, parks, schools and other amenities. These are what makes your life easier so you need to find a home builder that offers housing in convenient locations to get around this issue.

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