Slumber Space: 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas




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Slumber Space: 6 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

We head to our bedrooms whenever we want to be alone, or simply to relax after an enervating day. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, design principles still apply, but don’t forget to add a splash of personality to your walls with these affordable bedroom wall makeover ideas:

1. DIY Artwork

diy artwork wall stencil sticker wall paper diy printed wall art

Show your artsy side by decorating your blank walls with your own creations! Graffiti and wall murals are by far some of the most popular options for larger walls, but you can also go for stencils if you prefer a combination of smaller patterns. For a more expressive room, why not pull a Pollock and decorate your walls with splotches of paint?

For those who prefer a more dynamic DIY artwork-inspired bedroom, you can make a doodle wall or use blackboard paint so you can change the look of your walls whenever you feel like it with just the tip of your pen or chalk!

If there are digital art pieces that you want to display in your room, you can have the images readjusted and printed to a size fit for your room with the help of graphic design services in Australia, so you can neatly hang them on your walls.

2. Posters and Polaroid Photos

diy polariod photo wall art

Do you want to be greeted by the faces of your friends, family or favourite artist when you wake up in the morning? Surround yourself with their warm smiles  by filling your headboard with posters and photos of people who never fail to put a smile on your face. Having a corner for your travel and event photos can also help you reminisce the best of times when nostalgia starts kicking in.

3. Magazines, Books and Postcards

diy vision board room diy vision board

Fan of scrapbooks? Treat your bedroom as the ultimate one — by placing cut-outs from different magazine pages on your walls! You can even personalise your walls with quotes from your all-time favourite novel, or put different pages of worn-out books and postcards together for that à la Beautiful Mind wall.


4. Wall Art Stickers 

3d ocean wallpaper sticker underwater

How about turning your room into a scene in one of your favourite movies or games? Wall art stickers can do this trick for you. It’s very easy to find wall art and bedroom wall decal stickers online, and they come in a variety of shapes,

sizes and design! This is also a great alternative for those who want to display their beloved cartoon or comic characters without going for a full-blown poster collection.


5. Patterned Wallpaper

pattern wallpaper blue wallpaper pattern

Do you prefer colours and patterns over a collage of pictures? If you feel like stuffing your walls with different art pieces is overdoing it, you can keep things simple and classy with a patterned wallpaper. Wallpapers do a better job of highlighting your preferred bedroom wall colour, and they’re less distracting in design. There are ready-made wallpaper designs available online, or you can ask graphic designers to have it customised just for your bedroom. We’ve also partnered with Pattern Designs where you can get free images—and print your wall decals and stickers.

You can either go with one option or combine some of these tips together for a one-of-a-kind bedroom that reflects your taste! Nothing’s better than feeling at home in your comfort zone with your hand-picked wall decor.

For more bedroom design ideas, visit our gallery for ready-to-use wallpaper samples, removable stickers, and more! You can also customise your wallpaper through our HP Design Tool.