Steps to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms that you need to keep clean at all times as you will be preparing food here. Dirty and untidy kitchens can easily attract insects and germs, spoil your food and bring disease into the house. Here are some ways to tidy up your kitchen.

Set up a good start-up organization

The ideal kitchen must respect three activity zones which group together the objects specific to each of them. The washing-up area: it includes the sink, the dishwasher and, in the immediate vicinity, the dishes that are used daily.

The cooking zone: it includes the plates, the oven, the utensils and the dishes dedicated to cooking. The reserve area: it concentrates the refrigerator and the storage of sweet and savory groceries. Once you have these three areas demarcated, you can easily organize your utensils and appliances accordingly.

Prioritize the locations of things

Put what you use a lot within easy reach and on top of the cupboards, or behind, what you use less. For example, leave everyday casseroles in front and place the pressure cooker behind. In the crockery cupboard, place the plates in front of you and the large salad bowls up high.

Free up the work surface

A neat work surface makes you want to get down to business and makes cleaning much easier. Better that all the utensils have a place in a cupboard or a drawerWhen you put them away on the worktop or hang them on the credenza, they get mixed up and it quickly gets messy. Also, it makes the kitchen look congested and cluttered. Have separate drawers for cutlery, mandoline slicers, pots, etc.

What to do with the garbage?

As the location under the sink is free of all household products, it is dedicated to garbage cans. Ensure that the bins are absolutely closed and equipped with a system that avoids touching them.If they are not placed under the sink, opt for models with pedal or infrared automatic opening.

Adopt good habits every day

The best way to maintain your kitchen is to tidy up and clean up right away. When cooking, don’t take out all at once and put everything away at the end. Take the reflex to keep your worktop clean and functional at all times: take out the eggs for your recipe, for example, break them and immediately throw away the shells. Wipe it off with a sponge if it has leaked. Immediate cleaning will make you less annoyed with it later, once you’re tired after cooking.

The case of jars

Glass jars are a good idea when buying organic products in bulk, for example. Above all, do not leave these products in a paper bag, because moths are fond of them. You can also keep your spices in this way. You can have this right next to the gas cooker for easy reach. These glass jars seal the condiments in and hence will keep them fresh and away from little insects such as ants.

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