The ABCs of Design for the Perfect Study Room




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The ABCs of Design for the Perfect Study Room

Isn’t it great to have a study room where you can focus on your work in peace? By combining the best visual elements and decor, you can have the perfect place for relaxing and finishing your tasks in the comfort of your own home. Make a serene study room possible by following these simple tips:

1. Colour

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Set a colour palette as a starting point for designing your room’s walls. Setting a colour scheme for your study room is better than sticking to just one shade, if only to add variety to your walls. You might feel more weary in the midst of difficult tasks when you look around and see only one boring colour. However, it’s up to you to choose the combination of colours that can help relieve your stress.

You can start creating your colour palette with the help of a colour wheel as your mixing tool. Take note that complementary colours make striking contrasts, and combining cool colours creates a relaxing and calm feeling. You can even test how your colour scheme will look like your study room with My Wonder Wall’s design tool, where you can even add background images as wall decals for additional customisation.

2. Storage

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Don’t forget to make room for books! Consider the colour and style of bookcases that will fit the design of your study room. Prior to adding them to your room, measure and check all the doors and cabinets that so that these won’t block your shelves.

One space-saving tip is to furnish one wall the room with a long, wall-mounted shelving unit. This will provide storage cubbies not only for your books, but for your other stuff as well. Make sure that the shelves are high and spacious enough so that you can store thick books such as encyclopedia volumes or stacks of magazines.

If your wall has existing decor (e.g. pictures frames), you can go with custom bookcases instead. You can safely secure these in your walls with screws and anchors. Having open shelves mounted to your walls is also a great chance to show off your book collections. Display your comic book or novel collection by placing them in different bookshelves. It also makes it a lot easier to find books, since they’re displayed right on your wall and they’re all within your reach.  

3. Furniture

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There are two C’s that make a great study room: calmness and comfort. You must be meticulous when choosing furniture for your study room, since you’ll be spending hours sitting on your chair as you finish your task. Choose relaxing and comfortable furniture with colours that match your walls. Compare and check your desk if its level matches your chair, so that it won’t be too high or too low when you sit down for work.

We’ve also got a bonus tip to encourage you while working inside your study room: add a dose of inspiration by availing graphic design services in Australia to turn your favourite quotes and images into wall art stickers! There’s nothing like getting the extra push from reading uplifting words or seeing your favourite photo when you’re feeling down. By following these tips, your study room can now encourage you to work harder with a motivating and relaxing wall design.

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