Wall Murals: Should You Go Traditional or Contemporary?




Wall Murals: Should You Go Traditional or Contemporary?

It takes more than just kooky home ornaments and furniture arrangement to make your home look great. Here’s an example: Have you ever felt uninspired when you catch yourself staring at your empty-looking wall? Sometimes, not even a good paint job or hanging decorations can salvage your walls from looking dull and drab.

Enter wall murals—interior design’s answer to coloured yet lifeless walls. Whether you want to express yourself through your room or you want your kids to be delighted with the fantasy recreated in their own space, wall murals can do magic for your living space by visually enhancing the look of your otherwise plain coloured walls.

Painted Fresh: Traditional Wall Murals
The different types of traditional murals are ceramic, tile and painted murals. Murals are painted using various media, the common ones being oil or water-based.

Painted murals exude elegance with elaborate details ala European-style fresco, and can be done for any part of your home.

If you want art that literally stands out from your wall, ceramic murals are a good pick. These bas relief-like murals depict realistic wall art precisely.

Meanwhile, for lovers of intricate patterns, tile murals are a popular choice. Crafted with patience and dedication, tile murals are either installed within or added onto the surface of a wall or floor.

One important thing to consider with regard to painted, tile and ceramic murals is that they are more or less permanent on your walls. Therefore, if you’re the type who prefers changing wall designs every now and then, traditional murals may not be the right path for you to take. Furthermore, with traditional murals, you’ll also have to spend a considerable amount of time and money on hiring muralists. Tile and ceramic murals are also labour-intensive, so if you want to do the decorating by yourself, you may have to spend more time than you intend to.

Luckily, alternatives exist in the form of contemporary wall murals.

Print and Stick: Contemporary Wall Murals
Wall decals and stickers are cost-effective wall decorations that can brighten up your walls without too taking up too much space, causing much of a mess or incurring significant costs. DIY home decorators who are on a tight budget pick wall decals, since there are lots of styles and designs to choose from that can be combined for a striking wall appearance. Compared to paint or wallpaper, wall decals and stickers are wall-friendly, since they can be easily peeled off. This is ideal for people who are just renting their spaces and cannot put permanent decorations.

Customising options are practically unlimited—wall decals come in various colours and sizes, and can even contain images, quotes and designs. Displaying quotes on your walls serves as a source of motivation while adding a personal touch. You could also choose images and designs that reflect your style and personality in a unique way. Combining different elements for your sticker mural is easy, since you can just place the sticker on the part of the wall you want to see it on. Not satisfied with existing designs, or want your own statement up on your wall? You can create your own designs and upload your own images.

When picking the mural style for your space, don’t forget to factor in your time, resources and tastes. You may also have to think about the overall theme of your home’s design; consider if it will go along with your chosen wall mural. With different options available for murals to make your home look more stunning, your wall is your canvas, and its dimensions are your only limits.

Just like your home, you can also brighten up your office walls with creative and motivational wall decor. Learn how you can boost productivity with smart design by downloading The Beginners’ Guide To Designing Corporate Spaces now!