Ways to Make Your Home A Child-Friendly One

Children are the epitome of happiness for any parent and having them run around the house, spreading joy and cheer is the best thing ever. Every mom and pop do their best to make the household a fun and exciting place for their kids, but, it also important to make it as safe as possible for them.

When they are at that stage, where everything excites them and curiosity takes over caution, as a parent you must do the needful to make the surrounding as safe as possible for you precious children.In this article, we will let you in four simple ways you accomplish this objective, and create a safe-haven for you child!

Remove Sharp Corners

Children can be super careless, especially when they are excited! Often times, they wouldn’t even notice that they have bruised or wounded themselves while playing, until after they are done. If your household is full or items that are sharp cornered, it’s better to get rid of those ASAP. You can easily replace such furniture with rounded ones that are equally good looking and there are so many options to choose from.

If certain items are irreplaceable, you can cushion those pointy corners using some form of padding. If a piece of plastic has come off the tile skirting, this could wound your little one’s legs. Use a simple utility knife to cut it off and use some sand paper to smoothen the surface so it won’t get pulled again.

Kiddie Counters

Kids love to stay close to their parents regardless of what they do. This can however become a concern when you are cooking, working with electronics or some sharp tools because the moment you take your eyes off, they will grab a hold of something that could do them harm.

Solution to this problem is to set up a counter close to your working space, so that you children can remain close to you while doing something they love like drawing, painting or building. It is always better to use a durable and washable surface for the counters since they are destined to undergo some serious abrasion at the hands of your lil ones.

Closed Storage Areas

Toys are going to keep on coming over the years until they eventually take over your household. If these items are left lying around, not only will your living space look like a complete mess, but it will also put you and your children in the ever-present danger of slipping or tripping over something and sustaining an injury. Only way to make sure this does not happen is by making plenty of storage places available for the toys and installing doors to keep them there. 

Carpet Tiles

Let’s face it, your kids are going to mess up the floor big time every once in a while, and having to change or even clean your entire floor carpet every time that happens will surely cost you way more that you are ready for! If carpets are an absolute necessity, I recommend going for carpet tiles which will be a lot easier to use. If the kids spill something over a certain area, you can remove those specific tiles and take it to the cleaners instead of removing the whole thing.

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